Reviews~Playing for Keeps

GoodR said: (5 stars)



Amy Cintron said: (5 stars)

This was such a good read! It was amazing to see Cassidy go from a hardened girl who had a lot of hurt become a woman who could finally love again. I don’t want to get started on Cam… Like whoa this guitarist was amazing. He was alpha and so freaking tender! He and Cassie were so electric together, their chemistry hott throughout the book! He accepted her and every piece of baggage and even when most would give up he was there for her, never giving up. I loved how the author displayed their relationship it was provocative and so real. I felt their connection and hoped like hell that Cassie would get her shit together. I was glad that she did and they were able to get their HEA! Bc if Cassidy doesn’t want him, I sure as hell do.. (Lol)…

For this being the debut novel for Kelsie Belle, I can definitely say I will be taking notice and reading more from her in the future! 


Sooziii Shearer said: (5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book, the novel was well paced. The characters were interesting and well-developed. Cassidy was likeable and totally believeable; anyone who had experienced her past would be wary. 
I loved the hero! Cam was the perfect foil for Cassidy’s vulnerability, he was confident enough to deal with Cassidy’s past and see past it to the woman she really was. 
I even had a soft spot for Jay! Maybe he could feature in another book.
Oh yes …. the sex was sizzling! It was H.O.T! 


clpetit56 said: (5 stars)
April 22, 2014

I have no idea where to start… This story was unique and a little on the dark side. Raw, edgy and unpredictable. Author Bell Kelsie had me guessing constantly. An awesome story about an imperfect love that despite all the obstacles, it could lead to the most amazing things. The developing romance between the main characters was very well done. Will definitely read more books by Belle Kelsie.


Shanean Reed said: (4 stars)

I love a good erotic read but I found that Cassidy’s and Cam’s story was so much more than just hot sex.  Each character has a past that is not so pleasant and has affected each of them deeply.  They are who they are today because of their pasts. Even it one of them is broken, hiding and just trying to survive life.

Cassidy is one hardass chick with a lot going on in her life.  A business owner, men in and out of the bedroom and what I would think to be a drinking problem.  She is doing her damnedest to hide and bury her past in more than one way.  But then comes along Mr. HOT, SEXY guitar player Cam.  Whew, now here is a man that can melt you in your panties and sweep you off your feet with his kind and loving heart.

Although I knew their love for each other would be a fight and hard bumpy road I was willing to hang on for the ride and boy am I happy I did.  These two were amazingly real.  Not just as characters but with each other.  That in your face tell it how it is will stun you.  GOD I LOVED IT!!!

This may be my first read from Kelsie Belle, but it will not be my last.  I can’t wait to read more from her.  Maybe something on the secondary characters in Playing for Keeps.

Rachael ( said:

 (4.5 stars) A tragic past has Cassidy Samson barely living. She is determined to never allow another man into her heart, only in her bed and only for one night. That is until Cameron Chase joins the band that plays at her nightclub the Escape Lounge. The attraction is intense and the ability to walk away is weakened every time he touches her. The wall she has constructed around what she believes to be her frozen heart starts to melt which only causes to want to run.

“There was no place for Cam in my life, no place for these feelings in my tattered heart” – Cassidy

Cameron is fascinated with Cassidy’s sassy attitude and “take no prisoners” approach to her life. Initially he agrees to her to play be her rules of just sex, but the more he gets to know her the more of her he wants.  He is determined to find a way into Cassidy’s heart and make her his.

Cassidy had some really horrible things happen to her and it made me want to be sympathetic. However, the amount of back and worth she does with Cameron and the “can I or can’t I” internal monologues made it really hard for me to like her.

Cameron I loved and how he stuck it out is beyond me. I would have left her half way through the book. Her whole approach to sex was off-putting and the push/pull with Cameron and even her friends did not make for a likeable girl. The added mystery of a potential stalker was great. I loved the plot line as it added an extra layer to the story. The passion between the sheets was very hot and extremely sexy.

“Tell me what you want… Tell me tiger. Tell me how you want it” – Cameron Chase

 All in all the book is good. Cameron, the secondary characters, scorching sex and the added mystery off set Cassidy’s character.


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  1. The story was captivating. A must read! I felt myself engrossed in the plot, going through a wide range of emotions – anger, joy, sadness, anticipation, and excitement…. I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. Excitement building as Cass and Cam fought the inevitable of being together. I look forward to more books from Kelsie Belle. (5 out of 5)

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