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Sexy Teaser

“I like this outfit,” he told me before capturing my lips with his. I was wearing brown leopard print leggings with a caramel cashmere sweater that rested just below my butt. The top of the sweater was a bit wide and fell off my right shoulder to expose my tattoo. Instead of Converse, I had worn chocolate-colored flats to complement the outfit. I was perversely pleased that Cam had noticed my effort.

I put both hands around his neck and tilted my head to deepen the kiss, relishing the thought of being on top of him at last. Cam put his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer to him as he continued to kiss me. When he finally pulled away our breathing was ragged and I could feel his enormous erection prodding at my center through his sweatpants. He lifted my sweater up and bent his head to lick my nipples and I threw my head back, groaning in ecstasy as he flicked the hard points with his wet tongue.

“I want you naked. I need to feel your skin against mine. Strip for me, baby.” He gave me a gentle push and I got off his lap to stand before him and slowly undress. His green gaze scorched me as he watched my clothes fall from my body, bit by bit.

Cam groaned loudly. “God, you’re exquisite. Come here…” He reached for me and I stepped back to him easily. As I settled back into his lap I reached for the hem of his sleeveless athletic shirt and removed it so I could lay my palms flat on his chest. I bent my head and brought my lips to his, capturing them wantonly. The heady feeling of being in control was settling in my stomach and I swiveled my hips, grinding down on his cock to let him know I was ready for him.

Hot Teaser

 “Tell me what you want,” he rasped against my ear. I bit down on my lip. “Tell me, tiger. Tell me how you want it.” He continued to tease me with his shaft along my slick entrance. I fell apart.

“Oh. My. God. Cam, please! Oh God!” I was beyond words. My hips strained up to try and reach him but he held me at bay.

“Say it, Cassidy…I want to hear you say it,” he said roughly, rubbing the head of his engorged member against my clit.

I whimpered again in sheer frustration. “Shit! Fuck me, Cam! Please…just fuck me.”

Without hesitation Cameron drove his stiff rod into my aching hole. I cried out at the sensation of him filling me, stretching me. His thick, swollen shaft impaled me completely. He reached under my knees to bring my legs up, pressing me open even further. He pulled back then thrust into me again, burying his dick to the hilt. My body tightened in response and he repeated the torturous action.


More about the book

What can you tell us about the main characters?

Hero: Cameron Chase ~cool, laidback fella who’s tall, tousled, green-eyed and totally gorgeous. From affluent background yet very down to earth and extremely protective of the people he loves.

Heroine: Cassidy Samson ~fierce and fiery, rough around the edges, doesn’t take crap from anyone. But underneath she’s severely wounded and is actually hiding herself from the pain of her past and trying to avoid getting hurt again.

Supporting Characters: Allie ( Cassidy’s business partner and best friend), Nick, Emerson and Roslyn (band mates of Cameron) All work at Escape lounge. Jayson (pursuing Cassidy/ Cameron’s rival)

 How do they meet?

Cassidy is actually Cameron’s boss, she owns the nightclub where he lands a gig as the guitarist.

 Can you describe the relationship between them in three words?

Powerful, explosive, intense

 Share some elements of the plot with us.

Contains very graphic language. There are quite a few erotic scenes and they are extremely intense. There is some suspense and mystery. Some amount of sweet romance is incorporated.

 Story Blurb.

Some games are too dangerous to consider yet too delicious to ignore. One look into Cameron Chase’s smoldering green eyes has Cassidy Samson wanting to throw her rules to the wind and engage in a reckless game of lust, but can she play with fire and avoid getting burnt?


Left broken and bleeding, night club owner-slash-accountant Cassidy Samson did her best to pick up the pieces of her broken self and move on with her life. She vowed never to let anyone get close to her heart again…until the potent force of a pair of green eyes threatens to bring her to her knees.

Hired as the new guitarist in the band at the Escape Lounge, Cameron Chase is intrigued and aroused by Cassidy’s tough-as-nails attitude and sets out to barrel through the formidable wall she has constructed around her heart, to get to the real woman behind the façade. He agrees to play by her rules in a reckless game of lust in hopes of finding love.

But will Cam be able to chase away the demons of Cassidy’s past that threaten to consume her? Will his love be strong enough to make her whole again?

 Available for purchase at:

Story Excerpt

“Need some help?” That sensual baritone was enough to make my knees buckle, almost sending me crashing face down on the pavement. God help me! It was all I could do not to fall on my knees and worship that hallowed sound.

“Uh, um. No, it’s fine. Just trying to find my keys in the rubble. Thanks for asking though.” I blushed at the way my voice stuttered like a stupid schoolgirl with her first crush.

“Sure thing,” he said but didn’t walk away as I expected him to. I stood there foolishly looking at him for a few seconds until I caught myself and began my search once more. Finally, I located those darn troublemakers and let out a ragged breath I hadn’t known I was holding.

“Finally!” I screamed with a mixture of frustration and relief, looking up at him.

He smiled that rugged bad-boy smile, hands in the pockets of his snug jeans. “Good for you.”

“Ah yea. Thanks for waiting with me, see ya.” I gave a little wave and half turned to take the remaining steps to my car.

“So you’re seriously calling it a night already?” The question stopped me dead in my tracks.

“What’s it to you?” I countered saucily, turning back to face him.

“Not a damn thing,” he replied with shrug. “Just curious. You don’t strike me as the kinda woman that usually goes to bed before dawn.”

“Really?” I drawled drily. “All that from a two days acquaintance and a few noncommittal conversations?”

“I’m usually a good judge of character,” He responded cryptically.

“Hmm. And what kinda woman do I strike you as, Mr. Chase?” The exasperation was clear in my sharp tone.

“Cam, please.”

“Okay…Cam. Shoot, let’s hear it.”

“Let’s see, seemingly tough exterior, cynical and stubborn. You put on a great show of being independent and strong. You like people to think of you as unapproachable so they don’t get too close to see that underneath it all you’re really just a fragile little girl, scared of God knows what,” he stated without inflection.

My breath caught in my lungs at his completely accurate description of who I had become and then came rushing out in short, shallow gasps for air. My hands felt clammy and the hair on the back of my neck tingled. I bristled just a little.

“You don’t know shit!” I shot at him and started toward my car again.

Two long strides brought him to my side in an instant. “And you love to run—run away and hide like a frightened little mouse,” he added, sounding amused.

I turned the full force of my withering expression to his face. I had to arch my neck a little because at a few inches over six feet tall he was quite a bit taller than I was. Raw masculine power emanated from his body as he stared back at me from behind his intense green gems. Anger rushed to the forefront of my response system. Who the heck did this guy think he was anyway?

First Kiss

When the moment had passed and our chuckling died down, an uncomfortable silence ensued and I began twisting the keys franticly between my fingers. The air between us became charged with electricity that was hard to ignore. After a while I looked up and my eyes collided with the full force of his green dynamites. They bored into me, seeking out the very depths of my soul. I was spellbound.

Slowly he reached out, covering my restless hands with his. My fingers stilled as he pulled me toward him. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew what was happening but my brain had completely short-circuited, unable to command my legs to move me out of his magnetic grasp. Desire flared in his eyes as his head slowly began its descent, bringing those tempting lips down to meet mine. I gasped as his mouth covered mine, the sensation that coursed through my body was one I had never experienced before. His tongue darted out and he ran it along my bottom lip, coaxing my lips apart. I moaned and leaned into him, opening my mouth to his sensuous invasion as he deepened the kiss. Our tongues tangled together as his hands slipped around my waist, pulling me more firmly to him. I could feel his budding erection against my belly and heat coiled in my stomach in response.

Adult Excerpt

I watched her as she came out of her bedroom wearing a simple cotton short-sleeved purple nightshirt, buttoned up at the front. It rested just below her hips, giving me an eye full of her creamy thighs. My cock throbbed at the tantalizing sight. Fuck but she was sexy!

“Do you need anything?” she asked, leaning against the wall, playing with a lock of her hair that had fallen into her face. I wasn’t in the mood for games, my cock had been hard and pulsing for hours. My only focus now was sinking its hard length into her warmth and getting off in spectacular fashion.

“Only you,” I told her, rising to my feet and stalking to her slowly. I grabbed her hand and yanked her hard against my body, crushing my greedy mouth over hers. She gasped in surprise but moaned as I thrust my tongue down her throat. I bit her bottom lip, dragging it between my teeth. Then I licked the tender flesh causing her to whimper helplessly. She reached for the hem of my Polo shirt, lifting it over my head in one smooth motion. I backed her up against the wall using my knee to brace her legs apart. My hand reached down to yank the nightshirt up to her waist and shifted her bikini panties aside so I could sink one finger and then another into her moist heat.

“Ahhhh…” She groaned as I began to move my fingers back and forth, sinking them into her before dragging them out to massage her clit.

“So fucking wet for me.” I groaned into her ears as she writhed on my fingers, urging me on.

“Take the shirt off,” I instructed her. She seemed so dazed that she didn’t respond to me. “Take it off, Cass, unless you want me to destroy it!”

My words spurred her into action and she brought her hands up to undo the small buttons of her shirt with slightly trembling fingers. I continued to fuck her with my hand and her pussy clenched around my fingers each time they thrust inside, juice oozing down my hand. I looked her in the eyes as I removed my hand from her sweet cunt and brought it to my lips, sucking her honey from my fingers. She cried out, throwing the shirt on the floor behind her. My head dipped to devour her succulent breasts, small and firm in my hands. I flicked my tongue across her nipples, then captured each nub in my mouth to suckle on them.

“Fuck! Ahhh…” She bucked against the wall.

“Lift your leg, tiger. I need to taste that pussy,” I told her, my voice gravelly with my need. I lowered my body before her and hoisted her left leg over my shoulder, exposing her cunt. Her fingers tangled in my hair almost painfully as I ran my tongue through her wet slit. She tasted of lust and fucking need, her fragrance was the heady spice of a woman in heat.



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