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Couple having sex, man take off bra of girl in his lap Here’s a titillating excerpt from my first menage story, The Guest


Julie came awake with a blissful sigh when firm lips brushed over hers. She rolled to her side, and slid her arms around the neck of the man who was kissing her. The moment his tongue slipped into her mouth she knew it was Cole who was with her, and not Jared. Both men were excellent kissers, but Jared’s kiss was fiercer, devastatingly hot and demanding while Cole’s was achingly tender, painstakingly slow and purposeful. She’d only been with him for one night, yet already the man had left his own unique mark on her body and mind. After the happenings last night, she’d been worried there would be some awkwardness among them this morning, especially between her and Cole, but now as he kissed her so sweetly the whole idea seemed so farfetched. Nothing felt better than having his tongue sliding into her mouth, his lips devouring hers as if they were on the menu for breakfast. When he finally pulled away, her nipples had peaked into hard buds and the place between her legs was soft and moist with her desire for him. “Good morning,” he whispered, his voice a muffled rasp against her cheek. His prickly morning stubble scratched her as he nuzzled her neck, sending tiny shivers of heat coursing through her body. “Morning,” she replied softly. “How … are … you … this … morning?” he asked, each word punctuated by a tender kiss. “Mmm, pretty wonderful, I must say.” “Yeah? Not a little sore?” She smiled, even as a furious blush flooded her cheeks at the memory of how her body had been used by both men only a few hours before. “Well, maybe just a little.” She felt his lips curl into a smile against her skin before he pulled away and stood. “I figured as much. Come, let me take care of you.” He stretched his hand out toward her and without hesitation she took it, allowing him to pull her into a sitting position and then to stand. He turned, still holding her hand, and began leading the way to the en-suite bathroom. Curiosity got the better of her at that point. “Um, where’s Jared?” she asked. “Making us breakfast. I offered to pick something up but he insisted.”
“Yes,” she said with a nod. “That sounds exactly like Jared.” “Don’t worry.” He hurried to reassure her. “He’s okay with me taking care of you.” She smiled and gave him a quick nod to let him know she’d already figured that part out. The two men seemed to have planned the whole weekend to a tee and she was more than willing to simply sit back and enjoy the ride. When they entered the bathroom, she was only a little surprised to find the bath already run with warm water and scented bubble bath. “You don’t waste any time, do you?” she commented. Cole chuckled as he helped her to step into the water carefully. “I like to be prepared.” She smiled in agreement as she lowered her body into the waiting comfort of the warm bubbles. The memory of how well prepared both he and Jared had been to pop their little surprise on her filled her with lust once more. When he dipped the bathe sponge into the soapy water, then lifted it to squeeze the water it had absorbed onto her back and shoulders, she moaned and leaned forward to give him better access. Gently pushing her hair aside, he used the sponge to caress her from her nape down to her back, dragging it over her skin in slow, tantalizing circles. Then he nudged her to lean back against the tub so that he could bring the sponge around, trailing it over her shoulders and then down to her breast at an agonizingly slow pace. For long moments, he gently massaged the soft mound of her breasts and the valley between them, but steered clear of the hardened nubs of her nipples. Julie’s breath hitched in her throat. Her body went rigid as he brought the sponge ever so close, but then moved away again. When he finally rubbed the soft material over the aching tips of her breasts, she expelled a long, low moan as her core tightened and heat unfurled in her gut. But he didn’t linger too long. Soon his hand travelled down the taut plain of her stomach, dipping into her belly button and continuing onward. Instinctively, her hands came up to find her breasts, covering them gently. As he moved the sponge over her mound, into the waiting heat of the valley between her thighs, she squeezed her breasts, toying with the jutting nipples that pressed into her palms.
Her legs were bent at the knees and she pushed them further apart to accommodate the exploring sponge. It rubbed over her sex tenderly, moving back and forth over the swollen flesh and creating an ache so potent it made her gasp and squeeze her breasts a little harder. Then his hand was moving on again, travelling up her inner thighs and leaving her breathless with need. He took his time sponging one leg right down to her toes, then the other, before finally wringing the sponge dry and putting it aside. “How’re we feeling now?” he asked, brushing the damp hair from her face. “Any better?” She moaned, her mouth forming a little pout as she continued rubbing her breasts in tempting circles. “Not really.” “Is that so? How come?” he asked, one brow arched as his gaze followed the motion of her hands. “Well I was sore before and you took care of that perfectly,” she said, giving him a coy smile. “But now I’m simply aching… Is there any way you take care of that as well?” The corner of his mouth lifted in a knowing smirk. “Aching, huh? Sounds serious.” She grinned. “Oh, believe me, it is. Utterly unbearable.” He returned her grin, pushing off his knees to stand beside the tub. “In that case…” He hooked his fingers into the sides of his lounge pants and pushed them downward, letting his ramrod cock spring free. “Let me see what I can do.”

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