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Writing under Nicki Day as well as her more commonly
known pen name, 
Nicole Morgan has two hot and steamy winter
tales to warm you up on these cool autumn nights and each is on sale
exclusively on 
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MAKE ME MELT by Nicki Day

Newly divorced, Vicky Browning
is coming home for the holidays for the first time in years. After losing her
supposed friends in her recent divorce, she has nowhere else to go and tries to
make the best out of the situation.
U.S. Marine, Michael Barnett
just set his boots down on American soil for the first time in eighteen months.
He wants nothing more than to go home to his humble mountain home, drink a few
beers, and fish the rest of the year away. Michael’s mother has other plans
though, and insists he come home to spend Christmas with those who love him.
Michael and Vicky haven’t seen
one another in seventeen years. Their last meeting was less than enjoyable as
they said goodbye to one another in a bitter break up at the tender age of
eighteen years old. As the awkwardness settles between the two they soon begin
to realize that the flames of desire haven’t died between them. The wounds they
thought had never healed, might just be the very thing that brings them
together again. 
You’re so wet, Vick.” 
didn’t answer, but ground her hips into his hand and moaned. Her movements
might have made him want to drive into her, if he hadn’t been so mesmerized by
the sounds she made. He felt a new sense of greediness overcome him. He no
longer cared about how he felt. He wanted to see how far he could take her. 
He used
his index finger with the middle finger this time. Thrusting inside of her he
worked his fingers in and out, pushing deep inside while hitting the back of
her cervix. 
body bucked and she whimpered his name while moaning. He looked down at her.
Her face was flush and her full and round tits bounced with every move she
made. The taut peaks of her nipples called out to him. It had been far too long
since he laved one of them with his tongue. 
his mouth, he latched on to one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth. He
kept up the ministrations with his fingers. He could hear her breathing hitch
and her voice was beginning to become squeakier the more he worked his fingers
deeper inside her pussy. 
REMIND ME by Nicole Morgan
After 12 years of marriage,
Priscilla Blackwood has decided to leave her husband. Retreating to their
mountain cabin, she hopes the time away will help heal the heartache she feels
from leaving the only man she’s ever loved. 
When Max Blackwood returns home
to find out that his wife has left him he is devastated. Refusing to give up on
her or the life they’ve built together, he sets out to find her before it is
too late. When a winter storm hits, his plan to rescue their marriage careens
off course. 
Will being stranded together in
a blizzard be enough to repair their broken relationship? Or will Max be forced
to say goodbye to the woman who stole his heart so many years ago. 
He slid his fingers past the
slick folds of her pussy and dipped his middle finger inside. A whimper tore
from her, which he quickly swallowed. He loved feasting on the lascivious
noises that came from her. They were like fuel to his fire, encouraging him to
take more.
Hot juices coated his finger as
he continued to play with her, ensuring her readiness for him. He pulled his
finger out and worked her wetness up and down along her slit. With his thumb he
pressed against her clit and strummed it. He alternated his pressure, touching
soft and then hard, moving faster and then slower. He continued the taunt until
her body started to squirm against him. His cock twitched in anticipation when
he felt her start to move. He knew his Cilla and knew she was past the point of
no return.
Pulling his hand out from
between them, he lifted her up, effectively breaking their kiss. They stared at
one another breathlessly as he pushed her back until she hovered over his cock.
She straddled him as he positioned himself at her entrance. With his cock
fisted in his hand he looked into her eyes like he had so many times before.
They were blue and absolutely breathtaking. There wasn’t a spec to her irises
that he didn’t know. He studied every microscopic millimeter of those eyes and
knew them as surely as he knew her body. He sensed her hesitation despite her
readiness. He knew they needed to talk about her letter, about why she did it
and about so many things. This wasn’t the time, though. He needed this, and
from the gaze he saw in her eyes, he knew she did, too. She didn’t say a word
as he pushed himself forward. Her head dropped back and her body arched into
his thrust.
Sweet Jesus.
you so much for having me as a guest today!

Nicole Morgan/Nicki Day XOXO