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Blurb: Asher Valentino is on a mission to help his brother’s girlfriend, Raven, find her long lost sister, in order to defeat an evil sorcerer. But when he finds the enchanting beauty called Eryn Lancaster, the mission becomes the last thing on his mind. He wants her and he plans to have her by any means necessary.


Ash took his time savoring the taste of her lips, relishing their softness and drinking in the sweet sigh as she readily parted them for him. His tongue slipped inside, delving into the moist cavern to slide against hers wantonly. He held her firmly to him, her lush, pert breasts pressed up against his chest and a primitive groan escaped him when he felt them harden into little pebbles through the thin fabric of her sundress. Fuck, he wanted more. He needed to touch her. Without breaking the kiss, he reached down and pushed the slender straps of the dress down her shoulders, his hands running over the creamy smoothness of her bare flesh as he pushed the material lower. He wasted no time covering one plump orb and kneading it gently while squeezing and tugging the nipple of the other. She moaned into his mouth, the sound sending shockwaves rippling right down to his balls. He tore his mouth away from her, frantic to explore her body further. When his mouth closed over her hardened nipple, she rammed her fingers into his hair and cried out in pleasure. “Oh God, Ash, please…” she whispered, writhing against him as he suckled fervently on one nipple, then the other. Gently, Ash pushed her backward until she was lying on the soft blanket and lowered himself so his tall body was stretched above her. He immediately captured her mouth again, kissing away the brief hint of hesitancy that had flashed in her eyes. He reached down and hiked up her dress in the same moment that he hitched one knee between her slender legs, pushing them apart so he could settle his hips there. Need almost drove him to madness at that point. The feel of his aching cock pressing down on her soft mound, the promising smell of her heated arousal, made him want to tear her panties aside and bury himself to the hilt. He released her lips and moved his mouth to the sensitive spot behind her ear, licking and nipping her there until she whimpered softly and trembled in his arms. His hand trailed down her feverish body, stroking over her lush curves until he got to the junction at her hips. He heard her suck in a sharp breath as his hand dipped between her legs to cup the mound of her sex through her lacy underwear. He stroked her, rubbing her soft pussy through the material of her underwear, taking pleasure in the way her body bucked under him in response. Within seconds, his nimble fingers were moving the scrap of fabric aside so he could sink one finger into her sopping tightness. God, she was soaked! Shit, he could only imagine what she would feel like wrapped around his cock. He brought his head down to her breasts again, sucking one taut bud into his hungry mouth as he slipped another finger into her hot hole and began moving them inside her. She arched her back and cried out, “Mmm! Oh my God, yes!” Her hands grabbed his shoulder as the muscles of her pussy contracted and sucked on his working fingers. He continued to fingerfuck her gently, pressing his thumb against her clit as he slid the digits into her heat over and over again. Soon the need to taste her, to become one with her, was too much for him to bear. He withdrew his fingers and pulled back, dragging his T-shirt over his head in one deft movement. Then he lowered himself to her body again, hastily slithering down to where he could smell her pussy weeping for him.


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