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A lot of people tend to believe that erotica and erotic romance novels are only about sex. Some have even called it porn for housewives. But for me it’s simply a more graphic telling of a love story. I know some stories are actually built around the sex between a couple or a group of people but the point is there has to be some story involved to catch my interest. I want to know why these people are having sex, how did they come to be together? Do they want to be together forever, can they be? Are there problems that might keep them apart or people who don’t want them together? I want to know about the struggles they face as they try to get together or stay together.

So it’s not just about reading something that will make me hot and bothered. I want to laugh and cry with the characters in a story as well, experience their triumphs and their trials. I want the sex to be scorching but the story equally interesting so that all my appetites will be satisfied when i’m done reading the story.

How about you? Do you prefer sex over story or do you need a good balance like me? Is erotica only about the sex for you? Let me hear your thoughts below and please check out my books when you get a chance.


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