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kb-saige-full Their eyes collided and Thorn’s heart began an erratic staccato beat inside his chest. The look of desire glowing in her hazel gems was hard to miss and he knew for sure that it was mirrored in his own eyes. Instinctively, his head began descending, closing the distance between their faces bit by bit. He could hear his inner cynic screaming at him to stop, begging him to look away from her, to resist the pull he was feeling. But there was no helping him now, he was a goner, completely lost under her spell.

He slipped his hands around to the back of her head, his fingers delving into her thick, wavy hair so he could drag her closer to him. Moments later his lips closed over hers, hot and demanding. Without conscious thought, he devoured her mouth, giving in to the raging beast inside him that was urging him on. Sucking on the supple flesh of her soft, pouty lips, he ran his tongue along the seam as he begged her to open for him. She moaned and her lips parted instantly, allowing his tongue to slip into the warm moisture of her mouth. Their tongues tangled, both warring for dominance, neither backing down.

Thorn’s cock swelled and hardened inside his jeans as he plundered her mouth. The little whimpering sounds she made as his tongue slid across hers almost drove him to madness. Desire pulsed through his bloodstream, robbing him of all sense of reason as he continue to kiss her with animalistic urgency. When she flattened her small hands against his chest, splaying her fingers over his pecs to caress him, his heart rate increased several beats.

He dragged his mouth away from hers and a deep, throaty moan escaped her when he began kissing his way down the side of her face. Soon his face was buried in her neck, and he was hungrily nipping and licking at the delicate flesh there. His hands automatically dropped to the hem of her t-shirt, slipping under it to find her soft, plush breasts encased in a thin bra. She whimpered and writhed against him, all the while stroking and squeezing his bulging biceps with her wayward hands. His fingers shifted the lacy fabric of her bra and brushed over one taut, distended nipple and her back arched in response, thrusting her breasts forward for his exploration. He pinched the rigid peak, rubbing his palm over it as he continued to lick and suck at her neck.

“Oh God, Thorn, yes,” Saige cried out in a breathy little voice, squirming under his ardent attention. She wanted more, the need building in her center was so potent that it threatened to consume her. Never before had a mere kiss driven her this wild, but the second Thorn’s lips had touched her all sense of reasoning had deserted her. She could only feel, only taste, only yearn. She wanted him to touch her in the most intimate of places, to take her to heights she’d never been before.

Angling her neck, she gave him greater access to suckle on her flesh, groaning as he squeezed and fondled her breasts. His mouth left her neck and he shimmied lower so that he could take one hardened nipple into his mouth, sucking it in like a juicy plum. Saige whimpered, sitting on the razor’s edge of pleasure-pain as he suckled on the sensitive bud, all the while teasing its twin with his masterful fingers. She whimpered, clutching his head to hold him in place. “Please, oh God Thorn, more…” she whispered, her voice ragged and thick with her desire.