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Help me welcome the talented Silke Ming to Blushing Books for the very first time. She’s here to share information about her latest release Sasha’s temptation, book 1 in her Five Widow’s Series.

Meet Silke

I have always loved writing. I started out with poetry and then moved onto novels. Not a day goes by that I do not do some form of writing. I have written six fictional novels, and when time allows, I try to read at least two books per month, thanks to the convenience of the E Reader, which makes it easy to shop the bookstores from the comfort of one’s home.

In addition to my love of books, is my love of travel. I have traveled all over the world and have lived in The Caribbean, Italy, India, Germany and now make Canada my home. Thai and Italian are among my favorite foods and my other pastimes are cooking and gardening.

I am new to romance writing and it has been quite a challenge, but I am enjoying it tremendously.

My romance novels to date are, Paint me Curious Bronze, Paint me Curious Red, Possessing Josephine, For the Love of Jonathan and Dancing with Angelique. I’m now writing a series called, The Five Widows. Part 1, Sasha’s Temptation and Part 2, Indigo’s Last Surrender are already on sale. Part 3, The Colors of Autumn will be available in the month of November.

Sasha’s Temptation

SASHA  five widows -sm-tfw-sashastemptation


Should a twenty one year age difference be allowed to destroy a relationship? Will Sasha Santorelli allow Jack Hammer’s age to destroy their sizzling romance? When erotic dancer/ future CPA Jack Hammer meets the more mature and wealthy Sasha Santorelli in a swanky nightclub, the two are immediately drawn to each other and sparks start to fly.

Sasha’s Temptation – Excerpt

On the wall, behind them, there was a sign that read, ‘Do not touch the performers.’ The waiter quickly arrived at their table and the women ordered a round of tequila shooters.

“Whoa,” said Scarlet Styles, shaking her head, as the alcohol burned her throat on the way down.

“Let’s have another round,” said the birthday girl.

Round after round was brought to the table, putting them in a celebratory mood. The music was now blasting and four young male dancers, dressed only in loin cloths, gyrated between the tables, and one of them was coaxed to the table where the Five Widows were seated.

“We’ve got a birthday girl here,” shouted Scarlet Styles.

Bumping and grinding, the young man manoeuvred his way over to the table, suggestively thrusting his hips forward. Sasha Santorelli’s eyes were glued to his hips, for she was absolutely captivated by his gyrations. Approximately five foot ten and gorgeous! He was between twenty two and twenty five years old, short black hair and as cute as a button. He looked as if he spent all day in the gym because his body was lean and trim, and his muscles rippled with each sensual gyration.

“So who’s the birthday girl?” the young dancer asked, gazing from one face to the other, while his hips continued to gyrate.

All fingers pointed in Sasha’s direction. He slowly bucked in toward her. It was loud and noisy as the other dancers and clients were creating their own brand of fun at the other tables.

“He’s got more moves than a one-armed monkey with two peckers,” said Indigo West, jumping up and imitating the moves of the young dancer at their table.

The young man encircled Sasha’s neck from behind, and leaned over and kissed her on both cheeks.

“Happy birthday,” he whispered directly in her ear.

It had been quite a while since she had been that intimate with a man, and his closeness sent ripples of delight coursing through her body.

“Show me your motion and I will show you my tits,” Sasha shouted out to him, to everyone’s amazement.

“For you lovely lady, I would do anything,” said the enthusiastic young man, who dropped into her lap, and did a lap dance, much to the shrieks and catcalls from the rest of the group.

Another round of drinks appeared at the table, which they downed very quickly. The lap dance over, the young man stood up and stared at Sasha, and she stared back.

“I’ve shown you my motion, now you show me those tits,” he said in a gentle voice.

To everyone’s surprise, Sasha lifted her blouse and his eyes almost popped from his head. Her lovely peaches were standing firm and upright, braless. Her friends seemed shocked at what she had done, but still goaded her on. The young dancer kept staring at her, as the other members of the group shoved money into whatever places they could find in his loin cloth. His sole intent was those tits. He pictured his lips on them. He wanted his head between them, sucking them, and if that meant standing early before the pearly gates, he was willing to be smothered by them. What a way to go, he thought. Realizing he was gawking, he turned around, waved to the group and slithered away.

“I’ll be right back,” said the semi inebriated Ruby Redfern.

“Wait for me,” said the Southern belle Indigo West. “My eyeballs are floating.”

“What?” asked Scarlet Styles.

“Gotta pee,” she said turning to around to reply.

When Ruby returned, there was a smile plastered across her face. A few minutes later, the exotic dancer returned for an encore. It was clear that his main interest was Sasha, who couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

“What’s your name?” Ruby asked the young man.

“Jack,” he replied.

“I used to know a Jack when I was younger. What’s your last name?” she asked.

“Hammer,” he replied.

“Oooh!” she said. “Even your name makes me wet.”

“Oh those tits!” he mouthed at Sasha, who shyly looked away.

The music started again and he moved toward Sasha, spread his legs over her chair and gyrated inches away from her face. Suddenly a horizontal shape popped up from the middle of his loin cloth which sent everything into total chaos. A flurry of activity ensued as the women rushed to their purses to get more money. Fingers secretly probed his body and shoved paper money into his loin cloth and he revelled in the attention.

“Touch me,” he whispered to Sasha.

“I’m not supposed to,” she replied shyly.

“Be discreet,” he said in a low voice.

As tempted as she was, she decided she wouldn’t, but a twinge of desire rushed down between her thighs and she knew that something exciting was happening to her. Something she hadn’t felt for close to three years and it was the fault of the young, virile Jack Hammer.


At one thirty in the morning, the group of inebriated middle aged women packed up their belongings and headed for the door. Outside Ruby Redfern looked around anxiously.

“Just a moment,” she said.

Then they saw the young dancer standing on the curb, with an overnight bag in his hand.

“He’s all your for seven days,” she whispered to Sasha.

“What?” Sasha shouted, not believing what her friends had done, but she was nevertheless tempted by the sight of the virile, young man.

The five women climbed into the waiting limo, and Jack Hammer pulled Sasha onto his lap. The first stop was at her waterfront condo, and she stepped out closely followed by Jack.

“Enjoy it honey,” one of the women shouted. “You know how well equipped he is. I wish it was my birthday.”

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