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Hi everyone! Today I’m pleased to have with me the lovely Celeste Prater who’s here to share a little about the latest release in her Fueled by Lust Series: Caelius.

Author’s Bio

Celeste was born and raised in a small town between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. Wanting to see more than her small Texas town, she joined the Marines, which satisfied her craving to see more of the U.S. and her drive to see if she could become one of the few and the proud.

A firm believer in educating the mind, while working fulltime and raising kids, she graduated with several degrees, the latest being a Master’s of Science. She works full time in the Information Technology field and squeezes in writing time on her lunch hour, after work, and on weekends. When not working or writing, she enjoys hitting the road on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Though she loves managing complicated systems and numerous resources on large scale IT projects, her true love is writing, especially about alien hunks that know how to treat their females. Her ultimate goal is to become a full time writer.

Visit her website: www.celesteprater-romanceauthor.com

Email her at: celeste.prater@yahoo.com

Fueled by Lust: Caelius


[Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi May-December Romance, with M/M not including the heroes, HEA]


Caelius Meron strips at Heat Seekers Male Revue just so he can find his mate. So imagine his shock when he finds her in a cooking class he was forced to attend. So what’s the problem? There’s twenty-two of them according to Rhia Brennan. Undaunted by her claim that he’s too young, Caelius battles every roadblock she places. But what if one may be too difficult to ignore?

Kallon Aceso knows exactly who should own his heart, but Ulixes Dionysus doesn’t appear to want it. But is it really something else buried so deep that it may keep them apart forever?

Travel with these two Insedi as they both chase their hearts’ desire, only to be thwarted by misconceptions and mistakes from the past. Can they scale these insurmountable walls, or will they have to walk away and forever mourn what they could never have?

Book 5 in the Fueled By Lust Series brings back the sexy males that make your legs tremble just by saying your name.


“No, gods damn it! I will not go away. Look at me!”

Caelius took a deep breath and wondered how long it would take before Cato flipped around and punched him in the gut. He was ready for it. This was too important to give up now. He kept his eyes steady and refused to budge when Cato’s chair squealed in agony as he twisted around and leaned forward. The white-knuckled grip on the armrests spoke of his valiant effort to keep from lunging from the seat. Two deep furrows marred his brow, and Caelius wasn’t surprised at the thunderously evil voice that issued from his twisted lips.

“You’re skating dangerously close to pissing me the fuck off.”

Clearing his throat, Caelius steeled himself. The Insedi staring at him with baleful eyes was not the same one he had spoken to at the club two weeks earlier. This one was severely tormented. He was unshaven, and his clothes were wrinkled. He looked like he had been wearing them for days. This whole scenario felt bad on so many levels. There was no time to waste. The male looked ready to blow at any minute. If he was going to get hurt, he had no plans on limping away empty-handed. He deepened his voice to stress his purpose.

“I can see you are very busy, but I really need the slang language information, Cato. The sooner you hand it over, the faster I will be out of this room. You told me to come by, and now I am here. Did you lie when you said that you would share it?” He readied himself for the attack and was surprised that Cato simply leaned back, narrowed his eyes, and grunted.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Caelius felt his eyes widen at the odd question.

“I am Caelius. Are you in need of medical assistance, Cato?” The laugh that came out of the Seeker’s mouth was not one to be associated with mirth. It sounded downright demonic.

“You really do need the damn thing, don’t you?”

Caelius felt his face flush, and it pissed him off. The question may have had the words to reflect understanding of his need, but the way it was spoken brought the image of his encounter with a complete stranger outside of class slamming to the front of his brain. He could not hold his tongue, or the anger traveling with his words.

“Fuck you, Cato. I know that you meant that in a derogatory manner, but I am not sure how. This is the exact reason I am here. I was spoken to in that same condescending manner today. I heard a human male refer to a female classmate as a ‘MILF,’ and I thought it to be offensive. I readily defended her honor. A kind man had to explain that it meant ‘Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.’ I now know that a human male considers this a compliment. I still think it to be disparaging, yet I would like to have known the common meaning before I made a fool of myself. Now give me the gods damn information so I can finally get the fuck on with my life!”

Cato surprised him by grunting and swiveling back around to face the bank of monitors he had been staring at moments ago. He barely heard the gravelly response shot over a hunched shoulder.

“Well, at least you’re growing some balls, finally. Come back tomorrow. My Occasio is missing. She cleared her bank account, and I have no gods damn idea which way she headed. I don’t have time to listen to your shit right now.”

Caelius felt heat flash up his spine and clenched his fists to keep from yanking Cato from his chair. Leaning forward he hissed his discontent against the Seeker’s earring-studded lobe.

“Well, at least you know who the fuck your mate is! I am still looking for a ghost!”

Expecting a head butt to the nose, Caelius stepped back as Cato’s head slumped forward and his fingers ceased pounding on the keyboard. Instead, his back expanded and retracted before a frustrated sigh filled the room.

Cato shoved his boots hard against the floor and slid sideways to a set of cabinets. He yanked open a drawer and snatched something from within. Caelius hoped he didn’t swing around with a short blade clenched in his fist. Rolling back to the monitors, his unrecognizable friend attached a small cord to the side of what looked like a handheld computer, pounded on the keyboard a few times, and then tapped his fingers impatiently on the desktop. When a soft chime sounded, he jerked the wire out and whirled around. Caelius grunted when the small computer was slammed up against his gut.

“Here, gods damn it. Tap the blue menu button on the front screen, and you’ll find everything you need to know. I swear. If you ask me anything else I won’t be responsible for my actions. Now for the love of Dii, leave me the hell alone.”

Caelius snatched the equipment from his hand and stomped toward the door. “Fine. Thanks!” Hesitating, he allowed his shoulders to drop a few notches and sucked in a hard breath. He hated leaving things this way between them. He admired this worthy male too much to leave with animosity clinging this thickly to his skin. Without looking back, he said what he really felt.

“I am sorry that you have lost your potential mate, Cato. I wish you the best of luck in finding her soon. Be of ease, warrior.” He straightened his spine, strode quickly through the front room, pushed through the glass panel, and walked quickly to the cab waiting for him at the curb. He never heard the soft “Forgive me, amici” trapped on the other side of the door.


Caelius lifted his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Tossing it to the floor, he sat on the chair next to the bed and quickly removed his boots and socks. The belt buckle clinked and rattled as he pulled it from his pants and dropped it to the floor. Standing, he flipped the button, unzipped, and let the jeans hang on his hips. He’d been in the club long enough to know that this particular view seemed to drive the women insane. He hoped it would do the same for her. Caelius motioned for her to come closer.

“Touch me, Rhia. I want to feel your hands on my body. Come to me.”

She approached, stood within inches of him, and looked up into his eyes. He knew he could easily drown in those gray pools. Her words were almost reverent and surprised him.

“Would you let me take your hair out of the braid first? I’ve wanted to touch it since I saw you on the stage.”

Without comment, Caelius turned and presented his braid to her. She had no idea what the gesture meant on his world. A mate would signify her extreme pleasure at viewing her lover’s body by releasing the bound hair. His legs shook from the powerful message she was unknowingly presenting to him. He locked his knees at the first tug on the leather bind. Her words were as delicate as the hands working the tresses loose.

“Geez, Caelius. It’s softer than I imagined. I’m jealous.” Both hands unceremoniously slid down the length of his back and he sucked in a breath. He prayed his shy Rhia was a thing of the past. Too soon, the warm digits drifted away. Her voice came shaky and low. “Turn around.”

When he faced her, he was overcome by the hooded sensual eyes studying his features while she drew his hair forward. It fell against his chest and she stroked the long strands as her scent swirled tantalizingly close to his nose.

“You’re so beautiful, Caelius. The candlelight enhances your golden skin and makes your muscles stand out. You’re perfect.” She placed her hands on each hip just above his waistband, leaned in, and licked his right nipple. She blew softly across it and then licked it again.

Head dropping back, he moaned to the ceiling when she did the same to the left side. His cock kicked hard when she sucked his small nipple ring into her mouth, flicked it several times with her tongue, and then blew cool air over the tightened bud.

“Umm, yes. I love it when you do that, sweetness. They react swiftly to your touch.”

He’d always been sensitive there and her hot breath combined with her warm tongue lifted his balls and threatened to release his seed before he’d even begun. She was going to be the death of him. He prayed to Dii that his intense study on the art of lovemaking would do right by her.

Stepping back to save his sanity, Caelius bent down and snagged the bottom of her T-shirt. He paused and looked up when she instinctively clamped her arms against her sides.

“I want to see you, sweetness. Let me undress you. I cannot wait another moment.” She nodded, but he could see the trepidation in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Rhia. I find you beyond stunning.”

“You haven’t gotten the clothes off yet.”

Chuckling, he slipped the shirt from her body. “I intend to remedy that very quickly. Oh, sweet Rhia. You’re beautiful. Look at your breasts. They’re so full and round. Release the bra. I want to touch them.”

He was happy when she quickly complied. As she toed off her sneakers and bent to remove her socks, those luscious mounds swayed and jiggled. He’d not thought it possible for his dick to get any harder. He moaned his approval as her small, pink nipples hardened into tight, tempting buds.

Unable to control himself, he clasped her upper arms, dipped slightly, and smashed her up against his chest. Wrapping his arms around her, he lifted her from the floor, crushed his face against hair as soft as silk, and spoke huskily into her ear.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel your breasts against my skin. They’re just as I imagined, but better.” He felt her shiver in his embrace. Releasing her, he dropped to his knees and started pulling at the button to her jeans. Quickly, he had the pants down around her ankles. She complied with the light tap against her calf and elevated each foot as he moved the material aside.

Grasping onto the sides of her firm, plush thighs, Caelius buried his nose into the V of her legs and inhaled her glorious scent through the red lace thong. He felt her hands running through his hair. Unable to bear another moment of hidden flesh, he caught the upper edges of the material, slid it down her long legs, and tossed it aside. A thin strip of fine, brown hair ran down from the top of her mound to just above the delicate slit. A gentle caress against her skin let him know the rest of the flesh was smooth and bare. His voice was thick with emotion as he spoke his thoughts.

Isto perfectio, mea bellula femina.”

“Oh god, Caelius,” she panted. “You sound so fucking sexy. What did you just say to me?”

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