Today I’m giving you a few different excerpts from my latest book, Raven. These have never been shared anywhere else so enjoy, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!



Excerpt #1

“I’m not a whore,” she said bluntly, and the melodic lilt of her voice enveloped him like rich silk—she sounded just as exotic as she looked. But in that instant, it wasn’t the sound of her voice or her beautiful face that held him utterly captivated. It was her scent, the overwhelming fragrant scent of her that wafted up to his keen nose and almost made him pounce on her across the table the minute she sat down.

Xander shook his head forcefully, swallowing hard as he fought back his unnatural urge to taste the exquisite beauty sitting across from him, even as his mouth watered and his fangs threatened to descend. With great effort, he forced a playfully smirk, attempting to ease the tension he felt radiating from her. “The thought didn’t even cross my mind,” he assured her, hoping his voice didn’t sound as strained to her ears as it did to his own.

“You offered me money…”

“For a private dance,” he said, twisting the truth conveniently. “I love watching you move. I want you to do it just for me, for my eyes only.”

“That’s all? Just a dance?” Her skepticism was blatantly etched on her face.

“That’s what I offered to pay for, yes.” Though Xander had no intention of settling for just a dance, he knew he had to play his cards right, cajole her into thinking his intentions were mainly honorable.

He watched as Raven licked her lips slowly and once again her eyes darted around the crowded bar. She shifted in her seat, her discomfort a clear contrast with the natural grace she exuded. “Do you have somewhere in mind?” she asked suddenly, turning back to him. “I have a room upstairs, but I won’t take anyone up there.”

The urge to do several fist pumps at his triumph was almost overwhelming, but Xander remained cool and replied, “I’m staying at a motel a few blocks over. We can go there, if that’s okay with you.”

She seemed to consider his proposal for a short moment, her eyes flickering nervously to the doorway. When her dark eyes returned to his face again, she said quietly, “Okay, let me get my bag. I’ll be just a moment.” Then she rose quickly and was gone before he could respond.

Xander flopped back in his seat and exhaled loudly. He wasn’t even sure what had just happened. All he knew was that, without even trying very hard, he’d somehow convinced the siren that had been calling to him ever since his first trip to Rendezvous to come back to his hotel room with him, and the feeling of triumph had gone straight to his unruly cock.


Excerpt #2

“Xander,” Jazmyn said, a slight smile gracing her lips. “This is the woman we spoke of last night. She says she is called Myra Durrikan. Myra, meet Xander Kane.”

His eyes locked with hers and he slowly rose to his feet, his devastatingly beautiful face hard and unsmiling, eyes glinting with barely restrained hostility. “Hello, beautiful,” he whispered softly, his voice low and gravelly. “We meet again.”

 Xander couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setup if he had planned it himself. The girl that had just been delivered to him like a lamb to the slaughter had taken one of his most prized possessions from him in a moment of weakness. He had never thought to see her again, had mourned the loss of something he had treasured since the age of sixteen. He’d been terribly angry about it, more so than the day he had found out his true lineage, but had chalked it up to a bitter life lesson learnt. Yet, like a boomerang, it had been that same stolen item that had brought its thief right back to him.

The girl standing before him this morning didn’t look anything like the tempting siren that had bewitched him a few months ago. Dressed in formfitting jeans, a simple black T-shirt and sneakers, she was a far cry from the catsuit-and-leather-boots-wearing exotic dancer he had fantasized about almost constantly since then. No, the astonished young woman gawking at him like he was a bird of prey now didn’t seem cold and calculating enough to have sex with a total stranger, then rob him before disappearing like a phantom.

“You! Oh my God, what the hell is going on here?”


Excerpt #3

“Is this seat taken?” A deep, sultry voice invaded her reminiscing. Startled, her eyes flew up to find a devilishly handsome man smiling down at her. Without waiting for her response, the delicious specimen slid into one of the chairs across from her. Totally taken aback, Myra stared at him in silence, her fork dangling midair, eyes round like saucers. His overlong shaggy, dark hair almost brushed his shoulders and flopped carelessly across his forehead, nearly falling into his startling grayish-blue eyes. He had rich, olive-toned skin coupled with exotic features, and although he was probably much older than Myra was, his boyish features made him look like he would fit perfectly into a pop boy band.

“Asher Valentino, or just Ash,” he said with a wide grin that only intensified his dazzling good looks. “I’m guessing you’re Myra. Kane didn’t tell me you were such a stunner.”

 “Um, should I know you?” she asked, frowning in utter bewilderment at his calm familiarity.

“I don’t know, should you?” he said, then laughed when her look of perplexity intensified. “I’m messing with you, relax. I work here…Well, not here, here. I work with Kane. He’s my brother.”

Mara smiled a little then. “I’m beginning to think that’s a password around here. Is everybody else here adopted as well?”

He chuckled. “No, not all of them. Don’t think the state would allow that. Most of the others are…I guess you could say boarders, kind of. They’re in training.”

That instantly got Myra’s attention. “In training? What kind of training?” she asked, resting her fork down for the moment.

Ash smiled boyishly, and it was an utterly disarming sight. “Oh, this and that. They specialize in different areas,” he said. When Myra continued to stare at him with curious eyes, he continued, “It’s my job to train some of them, too. Computer Systems and Electronics Specialist at your service, ma’am.”

Myra laughed softly. “That’s a whole lotta big words to just say you’re a technician, isn’t it?”

“Not just any technician. I’m the very best! And I’m a pretty dangerous guy, too. I’m fully trained in cyber warfare and weapon development.” He frowned with exaggeratedly feigned indignation as he spoke, which only caused Myra to laugh some more.

“Ooh, a gun totin’ technician! Nice!” she teased. It really wasn’t very hard to like this guy. His carefree manner was completely refreshing and almost made Myra forget all about the possibilities she had been pondering earlier.

“Yep, and don’t you forget it!”

“Of course not! How could I forget that? It’s not every day that a girl gets to meet a big, bad, dangerous geek, you know.”