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The talented Mardi Maxwell has stopped by to tell us a little about her latest release at Siren-Bookstrand, Zane’s Choice.

Meet Mardi

My name is Mardi Maxwell. I’m a dreamer, a romantic and since the age of sixteen an avid reader of romance. I began writing short stories in high school but it wasn’t until I took several creative writing classes in college that I discovered how much I truly enjoy the writing process. I love researching an idea, creating an imaginary setting, populating it with characters and then telling their story.

Life (marriage, children, and a career) kept me busy and on the run for a couple decades. Now, with my children busy with their own lives, I’m able to write every day. I also make time to read every day even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. Which means I’m never, ever without my eBook.

The romances I enjoy the most have laughter, tears, hot lovers who overcome obstacles to be together, pant inducing sex scenes, and happy endings. The only book I’ll read where the main character dies is a vampire novel where they get to come back and have an eternal happy ending.

When I’m not writing I enjoy gardening (unsuccessfully), spending time with my family, talking my friends into trying something new and adventurous, traveling, and dreaming about my next book.

Zane’s Choice (The Doms of Club Mystique 4)



Beautiful, curvy, Ravyn Templeton saw Zane Ramsey in a BDSM club in Houston three years ago. He’s haunted her dreams ever since.

Zane is an Assistant District Attorney but he’s also a co-owner of Club Mystique, the BDSM club he and his brothers built on their Texas ranch. When Ravyn’s ex-husband is arrested for hiring an assassin to kill her the case is assigned to Zane.

The moment Zane meets Ravyn he wants her and even though he knows having an affair with her will jeopardize his career he can’t resist her. When Ravyn’s ex-husband accuses her of laundering money for a drug cartel, and she refuses to answer Zane’s questions, he leaves her.

Fate steps in and brings them together again. Zane has the power to save Ravyn but only if he loves her enough to fight for her.

Adult Excerpt:

“Ravyn, if you walk through that door, you’ll be sorry,” Zane said.

Ravyn turned around and smiled as she backed toward the door, then sent him a one-finger wave as she disappeared into the hall.

Feminine giggles swept around the room as the men cleared their throats and sent him what-are-you-going-to-do-now looks.

Zane began rolling up his sleeves as he stood up and walked toward the door. “We’ll be right back.”

Ravyn heard his footsteps behind her as she hurried toward the front door. When he grabbed her arm and pulled her around, she shoved him back and then ran for the front door. He caught up to her and wrapped his right arm around her waist, then hoisted her onto his hip and carried her, kicking and screaming, into the dining room. He hooked a chair with his foot, pulled it out, then sat down and pulled her over his lap.

“Don’t you dare, you bastard.” Ravyn reached back and tried to cover her butt.

In seconds, he had her skirt shoved up around her waist. “You’ve been begging for this for months.” Zane ran his hand over her plump ass, then snapped the strap of the thong that separated her rounded cheeks and laughed when she screamed with rage.

“I have not.” She kicked her legs and felt him shove her shoes from her feet before he swept her panties down her legs.

“Yes, you have, and I’m going to give you a taste of what you think you want.” He tangled her panties around her ankles, then stroked his hand up the back of her legs to her butt.

Ravyn grabbed the leg of the chair and lifted her torso. Zane hooked one leg over hers, then held her in place by pressing his hand against the small of her back. He stroked his hand over her ass, then squeezed each cheek.

“Be still, pet.”

“I’m supposed to have a safe word and a list of limits.”

“Pick a safe word, then. Something you wouldn’t normally say.”

“Guilty.” Ravyn screeched when he swatted her ass, hard. “Let me up, damn you.”

Release date: August 5, 2014 

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/zanes-choice

What I’m working on now:

The fifth book in The Doms of Club Mystique series. I’d thought this would be the last in the series but now I’m thinking there may be three more. Thor’s book, Mac’s book, and Ben’s book.

 Here’s how you can keep in touch with Mardi

Contact link: http://www.mardi-maxwell.com