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Hello everyone, the lovely Elle Boon is here once more to shed some light on the latest book in her Raven’s of War Series, Jaklyn’s Savior.

Meet Elle

I’m a wife and mother who is a retired stay at home mom of 2. I say retired because my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 20. When my baby went to school, reading saved my sanity, and then the same year he started school, I was diagnosed with Cancer, again reading saved my sanity. When I recovered and realized how quickly life could change, I made a bucket list. The number one thing was to live. Check. On top of that list was to become a published author. Check. Eight years later I have accomplished that goal and several others.

I live in the Midwest, but am a southern girl with only a slight twang who says y’all quite frequently, and am known to say “Bless Your Heart” A LOT. If you know what that means, you do not want to be the one I say that to, lol. I cuss worse than if a trucker and a sailor were put together, but I do it with class *WEG*.

I write what I love to read, erotic romance. My books are definitely full of lots of story, but I leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to the sex. My hope, is that after my readers have read one of my stories, they fall in love with my characters as much as I have.

The best part of my new journey is that I get to create new worlds and have all kinds of stories in my head just waiting to be written. I’m creating new worlds, and I hope you all enjoy them with me. I can guarantee you’ll always have a hero or two you’ll love, and a heroine you’ll want to be.

I love to hear from readers, you can find me on Twitter or Facebook or my website, but I’m on Facebook all the time, so find me, I’d love to hear from you . 





Raven’s of War 3 ~ Jaklyn’s Saviors


Blurb: Jaklyn Marx learned at a young age what pain was at the hands of her father. For seventeen years she’d lived with the physical scars, and the knowledge that she was a latent wolf among her pack. But she had extra abilities. She could connect with others mentally, and had helped free the goddess Selena and aided to save Tamara, both were bonded to Ravens. Meeting two men who claimed she was meant to be theirs sent her running.

Gray and Colt had been searching for their Fated for thousands of years. When they saw Jaklyn in Cronus’s temple their first thought was to claim her then and there. However, she’d run from them. When they found her next she disappeared, again, only this time they were prepared to do anything to find her, even call on goddesses.

Just when the trio find happiness a demon from their past threatens to destroy them. Jaklyn refuses to allow her father to take anything else, especially her newfound love for the two men who save her past, present and future.

Seamus Marx spent seventeen years in Hell waiting for a way to return to Earth and extract revenge on those who killed him. He’d make his pack pay for all his suffering, and then he’d make his daughter suffer twice as bad. He found a way out when Cronus brought him and a bunch of other demons through a portal to fight the Ravens, only Seamus was no longer the god’s puppet.

They will need more than just love to defeat Seamus and his tainted pack. They’ll need the help of all the Ravens and a god or two in order to destroy something Cronus created.


Story Excerpt 

Colt waited for Jaklyn to finish licking Gray’s dick clean, before he resumed his pleasuring of her. Goddess, but she looked good sucking his best friend.

Gray pulled back with an audible pop. He stared with an utterly enrapt look, of a man in love with a woman. Colt was sure his own stare mirrored Gray’s, he felt a wave of sheer hope and joy wash over him.

He lowered his face back between her thighs, making a shaky sigh escape from Jaklyn. He traced her folds with his tongue, lapping at the juices that had leaked from her.

She grabbed his hair with her hand, raking her fingers across his scalp. “C–Colt.” She whispered his name like a plea.

Looking up the curve of her belly, he smiled up at her and watched as Gray’s cheeks hollowed out as he sucked Jaklyn’s nipple into his mouth. He kissed the spot above her clit. The sight of the two of them together almost made him lose control.

When Jaklyn whimpered Gray’s name and then his in a low voice, he gave his full attention to her sweet pussy.

The tiny pearl of her pink clit drew his lips. He smoothed his hands up her thighs, holding her in place as she began to writhe on the bed. He lapped at her folds, holding her sex open with his thumbs while he flicked back and forth with the tip of his tongue, eliciting moans and whimpers from Jaklyn.

Colt inserted two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, increasing the speed of his tongue on her tiny button. The walls of her sex began to contract around his invading digits, a sure sign she was close to coming.

He made eye contact with Gray. “I’m going to prepare her ass to take the both of us.” Colt made sure he kept to the spiral path that only Gray and he had access, hoping Jaklyn would one day be on the same path. With her having the ability to communicate telepathically they felt confident she would someday soon. Gray never stopped sucking and plucking their Fated’s breasts, but Colt felt the reassurance through their bond.

When Colt pressed a well-lubed finger to Jaklyn’s tightly clenched ass, she tensed a fraction of a second. He smoothed the flat of his tongue over her folds in a circular motion, before sucking her clit into his mouth, a keening cry burst from her. Colt slipped into her ass up to the first knuckle and stopped.

His cock was a steel pole ready to burst.

Gray covered her mouth, making love to her lips.

Colt scissored his fingers inside her incredibly tight sheath. “Goddess, you are so fucking tight. When I’m inside here”—he pumped his hand before continuing—“and Gray’s inside here”—he pushed his finger all the way inside her ass—“it’s going to be like we’ve all died and gone to heaven.”

“Wait until she wraps her mouth around your dick. You’ll think you’ve already been there,” Gray said.

He already knew she was good. Hearing it from Gray verified it. He flicked his friend an enigmatic look, dropping his concentration back to the glistening bit of flesh, and picked up the rhythm of his thrusting fingers.

His entire hand was coated with her cream. Her juices ran down, slicking the puckered hole of her anus. The way she whimpered, and her hips rolling, along with her pussy constricting around his thrusting fingers had hot pressure in his balls ready to explode.

“I need more. Oh Colt, please,” Jaklyn cried.

“I’ll give you more.” Colt hissed. He fucked her with his hand, hard, and at the same time he sucked her clit into his mouth.

Jaklyn’s spine bowed, her scream of pure pleasure echoed around the room as she gave herself over to them, to the pleasure they gave her. Over and over, her pussy spasmed, her anus pulsed around his finger.

“Oh god, so good.” Jaklyn’s breasts heaved up and down as she dragged in a deep breath.

He continued to pump his fingers, drawing out her pleasure, wanting to hear her beg him to stop, needing her to come again.

Jaklyn’s low moan and hitching sigh had him releasing her tortured clit. He wriggled his fingers together, the thin strip of sensitive flesh inside her the only thing separating them as he massaged her back up toward orgasm. “Need you to come again, baby.”

Gray cursed. Jaklyn swore, her cream coating his hand.

Colt smiled from his perch between her thighs. “Gray, rub her clit while I fuck her pussy and ass with my fingers.”

“If you don’t fucking hurry up, I’m going to come all over her luscious tits.” Gray muttered, his hand reaching down to play with Jaklyn’s engorged bud.

Her stare flew from Gray to Colt. “Holy shit! That turns me on, too. I’m turning into a fucking hussy and I like it.” She smiled.

Colt paused his hands movements. “You ready to come again?”

Her eyes beseeched him. “Goddess, yes. Please make me come,” she pleaded, moving her hips upwards.

“That’s music to my ears.” He worked his fingers, stroked them together. Watching her fall apart was the most beautiful thing Colt had ever seen. She screamed both their names, one right after the other and then again, until she finally dropped onto the mattress, her breathing ragged.

“That was sublime.” She sighed.

“That was only the beginning,” Gray murmured, brushing a kiss to her sweat-slickened brow. “Wait till we have our cocks in you at the same time, love.”

She turned startled eyes to Gray and then down to Colt who was easing his fingers out of both her openings, placing a kiss on her thigh.

A love so pure filled Colt. “Not yet, baby, but soon.” He knelt on the bed between her thighs. His dick stood upright, a thick rod with pre-cum leaking from the slit.

Jaklyn opened her mouth. Gray kissed her silent.


Adult Excerpt

Gray lifted her leg over his, stretching her thighs wide. The blunt tip of his cock rubbed against the folds of her soaking pussy, the mushroom shaped head already pushing inside her. His head bent, licking her lips while his arm held her leg near his shoulder. It was a good thing she was flexible, flashed into her mind.

Her taste was as intoxicating as the finest tequila Gray had ever consumed. His tongue traced her raspberry red mouth. Goddess he loved her unique flavor. He closed his eyes, sliding the rest of the way inside of her heated depths. Gray used his powers to stimulate her breasts into tight hard points, hearing her gasp when he emulated the sensation of his mouth on first one nipple and then the next made his dick twitch.

Colt was working her tight rear entrance, and each time he did something she obviously liked, her Kegel muscles nearly strangled him, but you’d hear no complaints from Gray.

His kiss turned voracious. He wanted to memorize everything about this moment. She met him in intensity, her tongue tangled with his, sucking on the tip like a favorite treat.

Gray trickled his power in a slow caress down her ribs, over her flat belly. The jewel in her belly button was a turn on he enjoyed tugging with his teeth. He let his power flare out to roll over her clit in tight slow circles. Them Kegel muscles started squeezing again, and holy shitballs his eyes just about rolled to the back of his head, but he didn’t want to miss one second of this.

Jaklyn tensed up. “I’m not sure this is gonna work, boys.” She breathed out.

“Just relax, baby. We can make this easier for you.” Colt’s hand ran around to cup her breast.

“What do you mean?”

Gray grunted. “We can relax you in more ways than one.”

“Like drug me?”

“Oh for fucksake, no not drug you. You know we can manipulate things right?” He waited for her to finish her vigorous nodding. “We can ease things for you.”

“Well get to the easing, damn it. Have you had something the size of that”—she shoved her ass into Colt—“into your nether region?”

Gray laughed. “Can’t say that I have. Colt, you take care of that, I’ve got the front half filled.”

“Now, that was lame,” Jaklyn said, smiling into his face.

He felt Colt easing inside their woman, her hips rocked forward, her head tilted back as he held Jaklyn more firmly.

Once they were fully inside her, it took everything in him not to try and drive deeper, with his cock right where he wanted it to be he prayed for patience. He glimpsed down to where they were connected, seeing his cock slick from being inside her almost made him come. Fuck, he needed to think about something else.

“Son of a bitch, I’m not… I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything this good in my life.” Colt’s words echoed what Gray was experiencing.

Jaklyn had one arm wrapped around Gray, and the other held Colt’s arm that was locked on her leg.

Gray increased his thrust in tandem to Colt’s, like synchronized music they pushed and pulled out in opposite strokes. The scents of mouthwatering syrup and cinnamon permeated the air, one layering over the other as their essences combined.

Jaklyn’s eyelids slid half closed, while Colt’s and his bodies began to sweat. Her body took on a glistening hue that mesmerized Gray. “You are so fucking beautiful.” His voice cracked. “When I look at you I see my future.”

“And you said you weren’t poetic.” Her fingers twined in Gray’s hair.

Back and forth, they slammed their bodies together, the headboard hit the wall.

“Please tell me you’re close, Jaklyn.” Colt’s voice was hoarse.

“So damn close.”

Gray grunted. “What do you need?”

Her head thrashed, nearly head butting Colt.

Colt pulled almost all the way out of Jaklyn, making her tense. Gray drove higher inside, grinding his pelvis against her clit. He connected with Colt on the spiral path they’d been using for centuries, knowing instinctively what his best friend had planned. When Colt would slam back inside, Gray pulled back, their cocks rubbing against each other almost sending Gray over the edge.

Their thrusts came faster, Gray was lost in the friction of it. Through their link he realized that Jaklyn was just as lost to the sensation of the dual penetration. A scream was ripped from her throat, echoing around the silent room, except for the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other. He and Colt followed her over the edge of bliss, her body squeezing the cum from both of them, milking their seeds from deep within their balls. He shouted, the pounding rhythm completely forgotten.

White-hot heat arced over his body, his hands slick with sweat couldn’t find purchase on Jaklyn’s hips. A dark sensation tingled from his toes up his legs, radiating out of every pore on his body. He locked eyes with Jaklyn and Colt. Both of them had their eyes wide with expressions he was sure mirrored his. A last shout of pleasure as another orgasm was ripped from him, this one even more intense than the last.

Gray and Colt continued to rock back and forth, the sliding motion making Gray’s dick jerk, and more cum spill out. Finally, when he was sure his cock had stopped twitching, he eased out with a groan. “Jaklyn,” he said. “Did we hurt you? Please open your eyes.”

Colt was slower to pull out, his hand waving over their Fated’s body, easing and cleansing her in one smooth motion.

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