So you love to read, right? And lately you’ve taken an interest in reading erotic romances, so much so that you’ve decided to try your hand at writing a story yourself. Well that’s great and i applaud you for it but there are a few things to bear in mind before you venture into the field. Writing erotica or romantica as they are sometimes called, is really not for everyone and could end up being your own ‘dirty’ little secret.

The more narrow minded people that we associate with daily, even close friend and family members, have a tendency to see the genre not as another medium for self expression, but as written porn – something sordid and cringe worthy. Turned up noses and looks of disdain may just become the expected reaction you get whenever you tell someone what you write. I have often heard the term ‘housewife’ porn used to describe the genre and I’ve come to realize that a vast number of persons seem to think it’s not really literature in its own right.

There are numerous stories that I’ve heard about writers who are ashamed to admit to their husbands, mothers, grandchildren and other family members that they write novels that contain risque scenes. Many of us use a pen name to avoid having our real name attached to books that we wouldn’t want out coworkers to know we wrote. Imagine the guy in the cubicle next to yours, or the supervisor on your shift reading one of your stories and going “Oh damn! She wrote this?!” Yeah, awkward.

Truth is, if you choose to venture into this field, you might find yourself on the defensive a lot. You could end up spending a lot of time and energy defending your work or trying to back out of uncomfortable questions about why on earth you choose to write stories containing explicit sexual content. Why didn’t you just make your books romance novels or YA stories? Do you write about this stuff because you live it? Is that what you do in your own bedroom? Yup, real awkward.

However, there are many reasons I love this genre and therefore no matter what people want to say about me I’m proud of my work and will always be. It’s not just about sex, sex and more sex. The characters are real to me, they have stories, they have something to share. When I read about their experiences, I become invested in their hopes and dreams, I want them to find happiness. As a woman, romance is something I can really relate to and the erotic aspect helps me to tap into a side of myself that I would normally keep hidden from the world. As a romantica writer, I get to bring entertainment as well as education to my readers because believe it or not, many readers learn a lot about their sexuality from reading erotic novels and this in turns really helps to turn up the heat in their sex lives. It leaves a mark on them that doesn’t easily fade and help them get in touch with the deeper aspects of human sexuality.

So, dirty or not, writing romantica could be the best secret you’ve ever had. Although the world at large may still not be completely comfortable with dealing with the genre of romantica, make sure that you first love it before you decide to experiment with writing in this field. It’s a demanding job to produce good erotic novels that tell a worthwhile story and are not just sexually explicit. It requires times, patience and lots of marketing to get people to read your story.