Let’s have a warm welcome for new author Shea Balik who’s here to introduce her new release Mating the Enemy.

About Shea

Shea Balik has always had a vivid imagination with stories running around in her head.  Often her stories are taken from observations of other people with her own spin. Traveling is one of her favorite ways of fulfilling her passion of people watching.  You never know, one day you may spark her imagination for her next book.

Whether at home or traveling she is usually in front of her computer writing or curled up with a good book.

About her book: Mating the Enemy



Siberian Tiger shifter, Aleksi Rykov was amused to watch the enemy chasing one of their own, psy, Seth Tilton, until he realizes it’s his mate.  Rescuing Seth isn’t difficult for the powerful Alpha but keeping his mate safe from the war raging between their races may be more difficult.

Seth Tilton is taking a chance running to the one man he knows can keep him safe, Aleksi Rykov.  Seth knows the psy’s secrets and they will do anything to get him back but with Aleksi’s help Seth can help turn the tide of the war and uncover the truth.  The question is will Aleksi be willing to help the enemy?

Both sides are against their mating but they are determined to stay together against all odds and doing their best to tear the two apart.  Can they manage to find happiness by mating the enemy?

Story Excerpt

Branches sliced through Seth’s skin leaving a thin trail of blood running down various parts of Seth’s body as he ran from his pursuers.  His foot caught on something, causing him to stumble but he refused to go down, too afraid if he did he wouldn’t have the strength to get back up.

Straightening back up he pushed on while praying to whatever God was listening to give him the strength to make it to the shifters.  Of course with the amount of blood he was dripping they should find him shortly.  Whether or not they’d give him a chance to explain why he was trespassing on their land before tearing out his throat was anyone’s guess.

Insanity was the only explanation for why he felt the need to not only take his chances with the Paranormal Alliance but to come to this particular Territory.  The Central Territory in the souther part of North America had been closer but his instincts told him this was where he needed to be so here he was barely able to keep going with his own kind chasing him down like a dog.

It was a huge gamble to think that the shifters would even listen to him, much less protect him from his own kind.  Not that Seth could blame them since his kind tried to wipe out the other paranormals but Seth had to try because there was no doubt if he had stayed with the psy he’d be used as an example to traitors.

He could only hope the Alliance would believe him because without their cooperation Seth was a dead man.  Worse, this war between the paranormals would continue until one or more races were wiped out.  Okay, maybe not worse for Seth but still the idea of an entire race being wiped out was probably bigger than one person dying.

Seth had grown up seeing the worst of his kind.  He’d learned at a very young age what lengths a person would go for more power.  His childhood had been spent in a living nightmare as he was experimented on in the very labs his parents owned for no other reason than he was more powerful than other psy and they wanted that power for themselves even at the cost of their son.

It had been three hundred years since the Gods created paranormals, those born into this world for the sole purpose of saving Earth.  It was feared if the humans were left to continue as they had been they would eventually destroy the very planet they lived.  To stop them three different paranormals were created, the shifters, the mystics and Seth’s kind, the psy.

Each group was needed to find a balance for the planet to exist.  The shifters would find peace and harmony for the various animals in the world, bringing those on the brink of extinction back to flourish.  They would take back enough land from the humans to allow the animals a place to live.

The mystics were given the abilities to control fire, water, air and earth.  Plants would be allowed to grow and the dry parched land would have water once again.  Their powers to be used to stabilize the weather systems that had gone haywire from human pollution.

The psy were to help bring peace throughout the lands with mind control, empathy and telekinesis.  They were to help the humans see the error of their ways and help them change.

Each of the paranormals were powerful in their own right but together they could change the world.  Though they were created by the Gods to bring peace and harmony to the planet it didn’t mean they would always make the right decisions.  His kind proved that theory over and over again.

Though their abilities were strong the Gods made sure no one race could control the others by not allowing the psy or mystic abilities to work when used directly on other paranormals.  The goal was to save the planet, not control it.

The psy felt it gave the shifters an unfair advantage since the superior strength, speed and reflexes they got from the animals made them impossible to defeat in hand to hand combat.  The fact that shifters and mystics appeared to be immortal only angered the psy, justifying anything they did to the other races, including experiments that were nothing more than torture.

Pinpricks raced up and down Seth’s body, like a thousand ants crawling across his body.  The psy were getting closer to catching him.  Pushing himself harder Seth ignored the exhaustion threatening to drop him where he stood.  Instead he followed the pull that had been leading him here for the last several weeks.

He only hoped whatever it was wasn’t a fantasy for this was his only chance at survival.  He’d been running for too long and was too tired to even defend himself against those that chased him.  As a psy his power was telekinesis, which helped greatly in battle, he may not be able to move another paranormal but he could psychically throw items at them.

But he’d been going with no sleep or any real food for too long, afraid to stop for any length of time to rest.  His body was drained, his power useless, his only hope the shifters.  So it probably wasn’t smart for him to bring the enemy into the shifter’s territory but he hadn’t been able to shake his pursuers and he didn’t think he would last much longer.

How they had come to this baffled Seth.  After all the paranormals were born into this world to save it but all they’d been doing was destroying each other and everything in their way.

It actually started with the humans freaking out at seeing human infants changing into animals or their element killing many outright.  Those they didn’t kill were confined and experimented on.


Adult Excerpt

Aleksi had been aware of the psy trespassing on his land for the last several days but what he couldn’t figure out was why they were there.  Everyone knew crossing Aleksi meant a death sentence, so why would they take the chance?  If they’d been quieter in their approach he would have attacked first asked questions second but the fact they weren’t even trying to hide their approach had Alek watching instead of attacking.

“Now that’s something you don’t see every day,” Wolfe, his second-in-command, drawled.

Maui, Alek’s enforcer, squinted trying to see what the better sighted shifter was talking about.  “What?”

Wolfe pointed at the lone figure running toward them with a dozen others chasing him.  “There’s a psy being chased by his own people.”

Maui chuckled.  “Really?  Heck if we can get them to start killing each other our jobs would be a lot easier.”

Alek couldn’t have stopped the low warning growl if he’d wanted to, he just couldn’t figure out what was causing the unease he felt.  His gaze tracked the man running several hundred yards in front of the group hunting him.

Confused at the deep seated need he had to protect this man who was supposed to be his enemy he didn’t take his eyes off the scene below them even when his friends’ jaws dropped in shock at his response.  This was completely unlike him but he couldn’t find it in him to care that he’d offended his friends.  His entire focus was on the psy below him and he was unwilling to take his eyes off him.

The good thing about his friends, Alek knew they’d forgive him for his irrational behavior, even follow him no matter what he asked them to do, which was good because right now he knew he was going to save the man running towards them.

His heart leapt into his throat when he saw the little psy below them stumble.  Not willing to wait any longer he said, “I’m saving him.”

Both jaws dropped open again as his two most trusted friends stared at him.  Wolfe was the first to recover.  “What’s the plan?”

Alek’s lips curled slightly upon hearing once again his friends not even questioning his reasons but helping him no matter even when they clearly didn’t agree with him.  It was why he trusted the two so much, he knew no matter what, they would do as he asked.

Aleksi’s fangs slid down and his claws sprang out in anger as the psy tripped once again allowing the others to get that much closer.  His heart nearly stopped when he saw one of the psy pull out a gun shooting at the man.

“Wolfe with me.  Maui when they get close enough burn them.”  Not sparing them a glance to see if they heard or agreed with his plan Alek took off with speed unlike any of the other paranormals.  When a second shot rang out his beast couldn’t be contained.

Without missing a step he transformed into an eight hundred pound Siberian Tiger.  He sprinted toward the man who he was trying to save, his heart just about stopped when another shot rang out and he heard the man yelp in pain.

The need clawing through him let him put on a burst of speed until the fleeing psy was in front of him.  The closer he got the more he smelled the sweetest scent, calling to him on a basic level.  His tiger pushed him even harder to rip apart whoever harmed this man who clearly held Alek enthralled.

The man stumbled once again barely able to right himself but still he kept going.  Exhaustion was clearly etched on every feature of his face, attesting to how long he’d been running from his own people.

He hadn’t even heard Alek’s tiger approaching.  Alek wasn’t sure the little man would have noticed a herd of elephants since it was obvious he was barely able to keep moving.  Admiration for the man’s tenacity to continue pushing himself when he was so clearly fatigued filled Alek.

Those pursuing him were getting closer and as much as Alek wanted to tear the men apart he couldn’t take the chance one of them would get by him and kill the one they were hunting.

Suddenly the man he was hell-bent on protecting looked up and Alek felt like he’d been struck by the Gods.  Violet, no, more like the perfect amethyst colored eyes filled with fear and exhaustion stared in horror at Alek’s tiger.  Even with an eight hundred pound tiger barreling toward him the psy had an unyielding strength to survive that shone through.

It was that core of strength that drew Alek to this psy even more than his gorgeous looks, which were phenomenal, even if he was covered in dirt, leaves and blood.  His tiger growled at the site of his mate’s blood covering his body.  There was nothing on this Earth that would stop Alek from keeping this man safe for one day, sooner rather than later, Alek planned to possess this man.

He groaned silently when the psy’s tongue licked those gorgeous lush lips that would look perfect wrapped around Alek’s cock.

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