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bdsm                       young couple in bed


Lately, everywhere you turn in the erotic romance field you come across a ton of writing involving whips, chains and sex toys. Being tied up, held down, blindfolded, spanked and yanked seems to be every woman’s (or man’s) fantasy these days. Personally I have no issues with that sort of thing. I like the variety and spice that a little kink adds to the bedroom. But my question to you is, has it become so widespread that there is now almost no place for the good old hands and heart lovemaking? Is vanilla the new taboo? Are we all no longer able to achieve sexual satisfaction by simply touching and stimulating each other the old fashion way?

And by extension does this change affect what you read? When you choose to read a book in the erotic romance genre, is it a requirement that the sexual encounters be the ‘pain for pleasure’ variety? Do you feel disappointed when there are no whips and cuffs? Is everything else just plain boring now?

I’ve really been wondering, have you? Leave me a comment and let me hear your thoughts.