This Blog Hop – The Writing Process: What is the Secret –  is all about authors offering others a glimpse into their work, their writing schedules, and perhaps their innermost thoughts.

I received the invite to participate in this blog hop from Tianna Xander, the talented author of Woman Beheld. I hope you will take the time to hop over to her site and also visit the sites of the other authors who will be posting their comments on Monday, April 14, 2013

Now I’ll delve into my writing life a little here.

1.)    What are you working on?
I actually completed my second book Sweet Serendipity and it is in the process of being published now. It’s about a troubled war photojournalist that seeks refuge in his childhood home and unexpectedly finds his heart’s desire in a young waitress living there.
I’m also in the midst of pounding the keys of my computer to write book one in a series I hope to complete within the next few months called Shadow Inc. This one promises to be the epitome of erotic so you can keep your eyes open for that.
2.)   How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I don’t think it’s entirely possible to be totally different from everything else in the genre but I always endeavor to take the stories from inside my own head so they come out sounding like me and not like someone else’s work. I’m an angst-whore so my stories tend to be filled with torment of one kind or the other. My characters, or at least one of them, have been hurt or scarred in the past or have some issue that they’re recovering from that makes them not very receptive to intimate relationships. I find that this added element makes them sort of untouchable and it’s interesting to watch how they fall when they come in contact with the right partner. Also I know that reader’s don’t just read erotic books for the hot sex scenes. They want a good romance story too so I try to make the interaction between hero and heroine something that a reader would want to immerse themselves into every step of the way.
3.)   Why do I write what I do?
Well I am a sensual person by nature but not everything that is said to be erotic will get my motors turning. I find that describing sexual encounters require great skill and finesse to make it seem real and enticing to the reader. I think I’m very good at doing that, if i may say so myself, so i wanted to utilize this skill for the benefit of other avid readers like myself. It’s also a way to express many of the thoughts I’ve always had but that have no place to fit in my regular life.
4.)   How does your writing process work?
It’s not easy to keep a steady writing schedule and hold a full time day job, manage a home, plus take care of kids and a husband so I tend to do most of my writing at night. I have a secluded area where i can be alone with my thoughts after my kids are in bed and i let my fingers play on the keyboard for as long as i can stay awake. I usually sketch my ideas for a story concept and character profiles first. Then i make a general outline of the plot and setting. From there I just write as it comes to me, using my outline as a guide but making revisions as i go along. After that, i edit until I’m satisfied with what i have and feel the publishers won’t toss it back in my face, LOL.
5) What inspired you to write your first book?
I’m an avid reader and I absolutely love reading erotic romance novels. I’ve read many that were totally awesome but some that were kinda lacking too. I’ve always had my own stories going on in my head and one day the idea popped into my head to turn one of them into an ER. It didn’t turn out too badly and a friend of mine who read it encouraged me to keep working at it and look into getting my books published.
6) Do you ever use someone in your life as a sounding board for ideas or are you a lone wolf?
Oh yea, my bestie is with me all the way with all my books. My sleepless nights are her sleepless nights too, LOL. She’s the ultimate Beta reader, she isn’t a afraid to tell me if an idea is crappy or if something needs to be tweaked a little or thrown out all together. I trust her judgement so much that i find it hard to submit anything to my publisher before having her proof it first. 
7) Who will we meet next week?
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MC_JINN&TONICsmallll   http://www.paranovelgirl.com/
Romance and adventure go hand-in-hand when a set of identical twins with powerful psychic abilities work for the military. Sergeant Jinn Dennison goes AWOL when her sister, Julie, is shot and nearly drowned in a Mexican rainforest. When Jinn’s mistaken for Julie by her captain, she soon finds herself branded a traitor. Tab, (Toxic) McTavish never would have believed Julie would ever betray the team, yet something was strange about her all of a sudden. Toxic Tango Troop’s mission was to take down a drug dealer by the name of Iceman, and get out of Mexico fast, but a traitor in their midst has given them away. While on the covert mission, he tries to find his kidnapped sister, Tara, but Jinn wants to rescue her own sister, whose life is in jeopardy. Together, Tab and Jinn find keeping their hearts free harder than chasing after Iceman as they search the rainforest 
240-Star-Wishes-300  http://www.missymartine.com/
Sarah Keevers had lived and worked in an orphanage in St. Louis since she was five years old. She’d stayed on to protect the younger children from the harsh headmistress. Now, she’s inherited money from a grandfather she never knew she had, and she wants to take the children far away. The only problems are the children don’t legally belong to her, and women have no legal rights in 1856.
So, Sarah changes her name to Samuel Kees, disguises the children, and heads west with her new family. She settles in Big Springs and meets up with Abe West, the local sheriff, and his brother, Ike. The two men discover her secret and decide she’d make the perfect wife.
They’re going to do everything they can to earn her trust. Will they be able to protect Sarah, and hold on to her love when her picture shows up on a wanted poster for kidnapping?