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In my current release, Playing for Keeps, the heroine Cassidy is a real badass. She says exactly what’s on her mind and doesn’t take shit from anybody. Cassidy knows what she wants and goes after it, she doesn’t really care about protocol or propriety. Rayne however, from my upcoming release, Sweet Serendipity, is pretty much your girl next door. Nice and sweet almost to a fault, she’s typically polite and reserved, although she will lash out if pushed far enough. Both women are as different as chalk and cheese yet they have one basic thing in common – they know how to get buck wild in the bedroom!

Truth is though, that inside every “good girl” is a “bad girl” just waiting to be set free. We all secretly want to be bad; we want to get dressed up in that naughty costume and do all kinds of scandalous things that we probably won’t ever admit, but we know they would make us feel oh so good. And no matter what a man finds physically sexy; big boobs, long legs, nice ass, no matter what he likes about your personality, he wants that woman that will rev his engines in bed. He wants his beautiful princess who never says an indecent word in public to be able to lose her inhibitions and fulfill his deepest, darkest fantasies when they get up close and personal. He wants the girl who’s not afraid to leave her comfort zone and try something new, who will welcome every experience with an open mind. In this case “bad” is most definitely a “good” thing.

So who do you identify with more when you read a novel? The sweet girl next door or the tough bitch that doesn’t give a hoot? Do you enjoy reading about how the hero conquers Ms. Badass or do you relish seeing Ms. Prim being turned out by the man of her dirty dreams? For me it’s a little bit of both; I can identify with both women to some extent. I like to see the power struggle between Ms. Badass and her Alpha hero as they compete for dominance but I also appreciate watching Ms. Prim fall prey to the inescapable trap of seduction by the determined Prince Charming.

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