What are the characteristics that you like best in a book boyfriend? Who really cranks your gears and gets those juices flowing?

sexy-menhot body  smile

1. Mr. Tall, Dark and Dangerous who is always so serious and brooding that it scares the shit out of you yet turns you on in the worst way.

2. Mr. Hot, Sweet and Sexy whose body makes you weep but is so downright sweet you can’t help but fall in love with him.

3. Mr. Handsome, Charming and Funny who is a gem to look at but also makes you laugh till you want to cry.

4. Mr. Too-hot-to-handle Asshole who can be a real jerk but is so darn delicious you can’t even focus on his attitude.

5. Mr. Sexy-as-sin Badass who’s lethal in and out of the bedroom.

I know who does it for me, what about you? Can you even choose?