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Just the mention of the word has many people blushing and looking uncomfortable. Think about it, how many of you can openly say you read erotic romance novels without causing a few raised eyebrows and feeling a little embarrassed? I betting not many at all.

Erotic romance novels have  long been labeled as “dirty books” or “porn for women” and readers are often considered to be perverted in some way. When I first started writing in this field and told my friends about the project I was working on, one person actually said, “I never knew you were a pervert!” She was kidding though, or so she said, but that got me thinking about why people actually read this stuff if so many people think of it as trash for perverts?

Well I certainly don’t consider it to be trash and I definitely don’t think it has anything to do with perversion. There are tons of reasons why people, women in particular, find this genre so interesting and captivating. The first being that it offers a welcome escape from the reality of everyday life.

Women of today are often caught up in the responsibilities that come with being wives, mothers, students, career women etc. that romance in its true sense doesn’t really come into play very often. The reality of our lives is often extremely hectic and chaotic; there is always too much to do in too little time. In the hustle and bustle of it all, a woman often loses touch with that fanciful side of her that just wants to be tied to a bedpost and spanked or forgets what it’s like meet a man so delicious he makes her thought processes revert to default mode.

That’s where erotic romance novels come in. It’s the gateway into that fantasy you never remembered you had or never imagined you would have. It’s the opportunity you give yourself to de-stress and get lost in a world where dreams come true and fantasies are fulfilled to your utter satisfaction. You get to be transported to another realm, where your troubles don’t exist, it’s just you and that hot stud (or studs, or chic) getting down and dirty and you come out feeling totally rejuvenated.

So whenever reality bites, just grab an erotic romance novel, no matter your preference, and feed the fantasy.

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